Strategic Consulting Firm

Advancing Opportunity For All. 


Our team brings more than four decades of experience in the public policy arena in all three branches of the federal government. We leverage that into success for our clients.

We complement and extend our clients’ internal staff expertise and capabilities. We know how policy makers make critical decisions because we have been in their shoes. Providing a wide range of professional services, we offer personalized attention to our clients’ issues helping to translate goals into practical, powerful and results driven strategies.

Our Services

The Wrenwood Group will leverage our decades of expertise to maximize results for you.  We are uniquely qualified to help you meet your needs through tailored services and a hands-on approach to direct lobbying and advocacy. 

Whether your needs involve state, local, or national issues – specific projects and events or fully integrated issue campaigns – our team stands ready to offer you solutions and expertise in:

Policy Development

Identifying the problem, studying its history, and developing a solution are the first steps in policy development. Whether the issue involves health, education, or community services, we work closely with our clients to translate their goals into public policy and develop a well-planned, achievable public policy that positions them for success.

Inclusive Clinical Trials and Research Studies

Minority participation in clinical trials is essential to ensure the generalizability of research and the applicability of therapeutic and non-therapeutic results to all but especially minority populations. Identifying barriers due to research design. We will help you ensure your protocols are designed with inclusiveness in mind, that the materials developed are written in a culturally sensitive and understandable reading level.

Government Relations

We help our clients assess risks, identify opportunities and develop bi-partisan strategies for success. Whether our clients are facing regulatory or legislative challenges or possible executive action, we bring our extensive political and public policy expertise to ensure that issues resonate with policy makers and other key stakeholders.

Community Awareness and Engagement

Reaching communities with the right messages delivered by the right trusted messengers is key to effective community outreach. Understanding the needs of the community, its history, leadership, and challenges are important to begin to establish long lasting relationships and trust. This doesn’t happen overnight. Wrenwood will work with you to establish SMART goals and strategies to build both wide and deep in communities The time to start looking forward is now. Wrenwood can help you do that!

Strategic Communications

Our extensive understanding and experience in the political process -- on Capitol Hill, within the Administration and at state and local levels -- help us develop campaigns that resonate with both the public and policy makers. We develop strategies and tactics to help our clients deliver their messages clearly, effectively, powerfully and persuasively.